Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) partners up with Swiss International Air Lines


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and Swiss International Air Lines has announced a partnership, which comprises in-kind advantages on both sides, was officially signed during the recent EHL Career Fair and marks the start of what both companies hope will develop into a long-standing and fruitful collaboration.

EHL and SWISS share a historical heritage, deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of excellence, hospitality and openness to the world. These core values constitute the bedrock of the new partnership. SWISS will benefit from knowledge and expertise from the world’s leading hospitality management institution, and EHL students will be able to gain exceptional insight into the aviation industry from one of the world’s most emblematic commercial airlines. Through the partnership, SWISS will provide numerous opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and capacity for innovation. The aim is to add business value to SWISS projects, while acquiring additional real-world experience. This will include “Student Business Projects” (a team of senior students commissioned to work on specific business issues for 9 weeks), Capstones and an exclusive workshop “Introduction to the Airline Business”, amongst others.

Reflecting on the new partnership, EHL Group CEO Michel Rochat said: “In our constant effort to recognize excellence, advance theoretical knowledge and train future leaders, Swiss International Airlines naturally distinguishes itself –in its capacity as an employer and as a major commercial enterprise- as a national pride that upholds the values and principles dearest to the EHL Group. We are excited about this new partnership and welcome SWISS to the EHL Group family”.

Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Swiss International Air Lines in Western Switzerland and Vice President SWISS Executive Committee recognizes the mutual values shared with EHL as an alumni, class of 1996: “Both institutions understand the notion of delivery of excellence and all the facets of striving to be the leaders in their expertise and enabling them to meet the needs of demanding clients beyond the immediate horizon and in constant search of the trends that will shape tomorrow”.