Rainforest Cruises offers Amazon River Cruise and Lodge packages


Looking for an escape route from the Polar Vortex? Rainforest Cruises offers exclusive Amazon River Cruise and Lodge packages for travellers who are looking to head further south to escape the winter cold. Choose between a 4, 5 or 8-Day Amazon River cruise itinerary to combine with a 3-Day Treehouse Lodge stay for the ultimate tropical winter escape.

“Travelers looking to escape the Polar Vortex are heading further south to the Amazon Rainforest. Most of our travelers seek inclusive, soft adventure trips that immerse them into the culture and environment of the destination. By combining an Amazon River cruise with a Treehouse Lodge stay, our guests will experience the jungle in two different perspectives. Guests will get an intimate glimpse of wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and lowland tropical landscapes with all the comforts of a luxury expedition cruise.” – Jeremy Clubb, Director of Rainforest Cruises

For Luxury: The Zafiro Amazon cruise in Peru is a luxury best-selling Amazon cruise. Passengers experience an exciting itinerary in the jungle, and onboard they are surrounded by highly-trained expert guides, hospitality and attention to detail. Rainforest Cruises is currently offering 10% discount plus Free Domestic Flights in Peru on select cruise departures. This means anywhere from $500-$875 in savings per person, depending on the itinerary and cabin type.

For Comfort: The recently renovated Perla Amazon cruise offers a comfortable and exciting cruise to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. Rainforest Cruises is offering 10% off on select cruise departures for 2019. This is up to $187 in savings, per person.

For Couples: The Aria Amazon cruise is a Peruvian luxury expedition vessel generally considered the best in its class. Guests will enjoy state-of-the-art accommodation, local gourmet cuisine by renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and world class guided excursions. Highlights include: jungle treks through the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, kayaking, biking, fishing excursions and community visits. The Treehouse Lodge offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping up high in the jungle canopy, up to 64 feet off the ground, in one of eleven uniquely designed bungalows. Highlights include: rising each morning to the sounds of the Amazon, enjoying breakfast with pink river dolphins, swimming in the Amazon river and a nocturnal wildlife cruise.

For Families: The Delfin III Amazon cruise is one of Peru’s most luxurious riverboats that’s fit for families. The 22-suite ship has five-star features including a spa, plunge pool and gourmet dining, yet it is small enough to reach deep into the tributaries of Peru’s Amazon. Four-day and seven-day cruises visit Peru’s largest wildlife reserve, the Pacaya Samiria, home to monkeys, pink dolphins and three-toed sloths. On-board naturalists lead skiff-excursions including a visit to the very start of the Amazon River. There are on-land tours through the jungle with a chance to visit local communities.

Treehouse Lodge Extension: Set amongst 345 acres of pristine jungle reserve, up to 67 ft off the ground, the Treehouse Lodge in Peru offers guests an unrivalled rainforest canopy experience. Guests will enjoy daily jungle excursions lead by expert naturalist guides, a unique treehouse accommodation and all Amazonian inspired meals.