AccorHotels trusts Travelsify to power personalization


Travelsify, the Hotel DNA content platform for booking personalization, has announced that AccorHotels, a world-leading travel and lifestyle group, is trusting the platform to power its next-generation search and personalization services, according to a press statement. This way, Travelsify is expected to enable a new way for to inspire, search and personalize according to local and cultural experiences.

This collaboration marks the first step for Travelsify in working with global hotel booking platforms that need to shift from rigid hotel-amenity-checkbox-search to trustworthy, user-relevant and differentiating information, so travelers can easily and quickly find the hotel experience they want.

Travelsify is a data-driven startup that has generated Hotel DNA attributes reflecting the guest experience and cultural perceptions in hotels worldwide by analyzing more than 100 million natural language traveler and expert reviews.

Every hotel is characterized by a unique weighted sequence out of 30 experience attributes that matter to travelers: cozy, spacious, stylish, bright, gourmet, views, vintage, classic, zen, nightlife, luxury, design, etc. To reflect the cultural variances in hotel perception, Travelsify has created the Geo-targeted Hotel DNA per country for more precise and trustworthy data.

“We now live in a world of experiences, not products anymore,” said Bruno Chauvat, CEO at Travelsify. “Each hotel delivers a unique experience. But online booking platforms still rely on old-fashioned amenities to describe hotels while travelers are sharing reviews about cozy atmospheres, shabby-chic decoration or spectacular views. The industry needs to shift to powering search and personalization with hotel experience defining metadata in natural languages. AccorHotels is a leading player with a digital disruption mindset. I am thrilled to partner with AccorHotels teams to make their guests feeling welcome on all apps and touch points with advanced hotel experience data that they can trust and intuitively rely on,” Chauvat added.

“AccorHotels offer a wide range of brands and hotel experiences worldwide,” said Romain Roulleau, senior vice president for E-Commerce & Digital Services at AccorHotels. “We are a global player but local peculiarities and cultural perceptions of our hotels are of utmost importance to us. By seamlessly integrating Travelsify Hotel DNA data to our hotel search and personalization results, we will inspire travelers and give them even more trustworthy information to select the right hotel experience: the one matching their taste and expectations at a precise moment.”