Atlas Hotels completes renovations on two hotels in Dizengoff Square


Atlas Hotels is eager to announce the completion of acute renovations in and around our Cinema and Center Chic hotels! With their attractive location, situated directly on Dizengoff Square, and their extensive history, the two hotels offer the perfect getaway for all who wish to experience life in the heart of Tel Aviv.

As Atlas Hotels constantly aims for growth and improvement, we are excited to welcome guests to our upgraded facilities. In both hotels we have renewed the bathrooms, offering guests new and improved bathtubs and shower heads. Small edits to both lobbies, allow guests to feel at home the second they walk in. Additionally, we have renovated the balconies at Cinema and replaced all of the windows with new glass. By adjusting our hotels to fit the needs of our visitors we completely transform the hospitality experience.

We are also excited about the grand opening of Dizengoff Square after extensive renovations took place at the hands of Tel Aviv’s Municipality Department. There is no doubt that the square is a big part of Tel Avivian history and its renewal has the whole neighborhood waiting with anticipation to see the final product.

Cinema and Center Chic are iconic properties within the Atlas Chain and it is with great pleasure that we welcome our guests to enjoy the two hotels to their fullest extent.