Auran Marcus Hotel LLC announces an offering pursuant to Regulation D of USD 15 mln


With a project value of US$20 million, New Nordic Group announced their investment of US$4,489,810. The private placement memorandum for US$15 million and other information can be viewed via the investor portal available at An overview of the sprawling New Nordic Group Pattaya holiday village. Catering for thousands of guests from all over the world every week.

Auran Marcus Hotel LLC

The 152-room, 4*+ hotel luxury hotel project located in Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya, Thailand, is to be managed by Best Western Hotels & Resorts®. The hotel is targeted to be completed by October 2020 and is being developed by the Auran Group which is a wholly owned investment, development and marketing subsidiary owned by the New Nordic Group. The entire development will be contained within the ‘Auran Marcus Hotel LLC’ which has been formed with the sole purpose of safeguarding investor funds throughout the entire life of the project. The Auran Group will finance and develop the hotel as key-holder, as it plans to do throughout a range of project funding activities that it will undertake in the near future.

About the New Nordic Group

Under the leadership of Kurt Svendheim, the New Nordic Group has since 2009 provided real-estate investment options for those looking to generate income, or those simply seeking a property for personal use. The New Nordic Group offers condominiums and a range of real-estate related investments; these products give the investor a choice of terms, interest rates and capital appreciation.

About the Auran Group

The Auran Group is the investment arm of New Nordic Group, and is charged with the finance and development of the new hotel and other development projects as well as introducing new and exciting projects with the benefit of the New Nordic Group’s experience, gained in the creation of approximately 500m USD worth of investment assets.

Auran’s team is experienced in international property development and management, finance, hospitality, sales, travel and renewable energy.

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