Beijing promotes tourism at Moscow Red Square


On the morning of July 17 local time, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development (BMCTD) held one promotional event at the Red Square (Central Revolution Square) in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The theme is to “follow the Silk Road and discover the new Beijing”.

Cao Pengcheng, deputy director with the BMCTD, Zhang Zhonghua, cultural counselor of Chinese Embassy in Russia, Zhao Hongqing, director of the office in Moscow of China National Tourism Administration, Tihnenko, director of Moscow Tourism Bureau and other guests attended the event and delivered speeches.

Cao Pengcheng, deputy director of BMCTD, said that strengthening cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is one important measure to implement the Belt and Road Initiative. Beijing, as the capital of China, is a tourist destination of global appeal. Beijing is both one ancient capital with over thousands of years of history and one open and inclusive cosmopolitan city. Cao welcomed more Russian friends to Beijing to experience the city’s international style, ancient charm, Oriental presence and fashionable feel.

Tihnenko, head of Moscow Tourism Bureau, said Moscow and Beijing are capitals of two great countries and brother cities. He expected the two sides to seize the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation to promote people-to-people exchanges.

China’s capital Beijing boasts deep historical and cultural background, ever-changing urban landscape and unique tourism resources, which are of great appeal to the rest of the world. At present, Beijing is committed to building a world-class harmonious livable capital, developing the city’s subsidiary administrative center and preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Thus urban traffic is becoming more convenient, urban management more efficient, urban service more sophisticated. Beijing welcomes Russian friends to travel to Beijing for sightseeing and leisure.