Carbon Lighthouse, Claremont Team on Sustainability


Carbon Lighthouse, a company delivering profitable climate solutions, today announced a partnership with Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel, to bring improved energy efficiency solutions to the property, turning energy waste into guaranteed financial returns with zero upfront cost.

Through optimizations to existing equipment in the hotel’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment) and lighting, Claremont stands to achieve more than $300K in energy cost savings. The partnership also aligns with Fairmont’s longstanding commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its portfolio across operations globally.

Located in the Oakland Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Claremont marked its 100th anniversary in 2015 with the culmination of an extensive restoration and a much-anticipated rebranding to the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts portfolio. The property is now home to 276 newly restored guest rooms and suites, several restaurants and 23,000 square feet of newly refreshed meeting space. While front-of-the-house renovations made a big impact for guests, Claremont wanted to ensure each area of the hotel was optimized – even operational parts of the business that guests might never interact with. To this end, Claremont has assessed and prioritized projects to promote this mission in a range of ways, from an expanded focus on conservation and efficiency in the hotel’s operations to involving Carbon Lighthouse in an energy efficiency project.

Through Efficiency Production — Carbon Lighthouse’s unique, data-driven process — the company will deploy dozens of sensors throughout the Claremont facilities to collect thousands of original thermodynamic data points — from air and water temperature and flow rates in HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment), to lighting and occupancy. Supplementing this with utility, weather and other available data, Carbon Lighthouse will use its patented CLUES® platform to model thousands of energy scenarios and optimize existing equipment and arrive at the most financially beneficial and eco-friendly solution for the building.

“Claremont Club & Spa has always been dedicated to meeting top sustainability goals and has made extensive efforts throughout the entire property from our guest rooms to our spa and restaurants,” said Melanie Wendeler, Director of Operations at Claremont Club & Spa. “Carbon Lighthouse is a truly innovative partner in helping Claremont reach our ongoing commitment around energy efficiency without sacrificing guest comfort.”

“As a Bay Area landmark in the hospitality industry, Claremont Club & Spa is uniquely positioned to lead an innovative push toward achieving actionable sustainability goals,” said Brenden Millstein, CEO and co-founder at Carbon Lighthouse. “This partnership is an example of how owners and operators in hospitality can continue to modernize and streamline historic and interesting properties.”

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the work with Carbon Lighthouse is expected to help increase the overall value of Claremont Club & Spa by improving the asset’s net operating income. Carbon Lighthouse guarantees the real dollar value of its estimated energy savings by continuing to stay engaged with the property and its on-site teams and ensure the energy efficiency measures persist in the long term. This translates into sustained building financial value and increased guest comfort.