Corinthia Hotel London to launch Neuroscience in Residence, first in world


Corinthia Hotel London is staging a year-long Neuroscience in Residence, a first for any hotel, to study the human brain, according to a press statement the group issued.

Running between November 2016 and December 2017, the five-star luxury hotel in central London’s Whitehall Place has teamed up with renowned neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, who will research the mental resilience of a selection of hotel staff and loyal business guests of the hotel.

An analysis of how they cope with stress will generate a special Brain Power Study at the end of the residency. All participants will be given brain-boosting advice on how to maximize their potential, at work and at home covering sleep, hydration, diet, exercise and mindfulness.

Dr. Swart will also give four talks throughout the year, explaining how the science of the brain can be applied to topics such as politics, technology and business. One will tackle why psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths often occupy company boardrooms.

Neuroscience is in the vanguard of research into how the brain impacts behavior and cognitive function; it is fundamentally changing our understanding of how the brain works and why people behave the way they do. Dr. Swart’s cutting-edge work helps leaders of some of the world’s most successful companies get a competitive edge by understanding and improving the physical condition of their brains, thus achieving mental resilience and peak brain performance.

Guests and visitors to Corinthia Hotel London during the 13-month residency can optimize their brain power performance by sampling a specially-created Brain Power Package. The package nourishes the brain with a menu of essential nutrients that help create, protect and repair brain cells; hydrates the brain with a selection of Brain Power Drinks to help mental functioning; indulges the five senses with a two-hour Mindful Massage with Yoga Nidra at the hotel’s ESPA Life spa. This is designed to help reduce stress and enhance focus through breathing and visualization techniques; and helps the brain’s glymphatic system – the waste clearance system of the brain – do its essential night-time work by creating conditions in guest bedrooms for undisturbed sleep.

Dr. Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author, Senior Lecturer at MIT Boston and medical doctor. She is the only top-tier leadership coach with both a PhD in neuroscience and a medical career as a psychiatrist.