Croatia, Montenegro make the European Travel Commission List


The European Travel Commission (ETC) announced in the January edition of its quarterly magazine, Visit Europe, the list of the top 20 European destinations for 2018. The destinations on this list were chosen by travel specialists based on their outstanding accommodations, unique restaurants and museums, but also for their “astonishing rugged beauty and amazing wildlife.”

Among the 20 recommended destinations, travelers will find Croatia and Montenegro. Olive Tree Escapes, a bespoke travel company specializing in luxury travel to Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro, offers destination expertise to American travelers who want to explore the two Balkan countries on ETC’s top 20 list.

Croatia has been among Europe’s hottest destination for the past 4 years thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage, crystal waters and beautiful beaches, spectacular nature, and its gourmet food and wine. Its neighbor to the south is Montenegro, a little-known paradise just waiting to be discovered. Travelers will find incredible beauty there: from the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, breathtaking national parks like Durmitor and Skadar, to Budva’s old town with its idyllic beaches.

“Being Croatian, I’m really proud to see my country’s beauty being recognized by the ETC. It’s great to see others discover the beauty that I’ve known about my whole life,” says Maja Gudelj, Senior Director of Croatia Travel at Olive Tree Escapes. “Croatia is quickly becoming one of our top destinations with twice as many bookings compared to last season. I always recommend Montenegro to my clients, it’s a little gem that few people know about and if you are already in Dubrovnik it’s a worthwhile addition to one’s itinerary.”

About Olive Tree Escapes: Olive Tree Escapes is a boutique tour operator that provides luxury bespoke journeys to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. We specialize in designing upscale and customized experiences for the discerning traveler. What sets us apart is that we focus 100% on the Mediterranean area in order to achieve a level of expertise a notch higher than large-spanning operators, and our sales team is US-based to help you plan the trip, while your clients still get the full support from our on-site offices in Italy and Croatia.