D2U designs the suite Jdf at Townhouse Duomo


The value of the project consists in what the guests will actually come away with – what they will recall about their stay, like a postcard, when they think back to Milan and the suite that was theirs. The suite at Townhouse Duomo by Sevens Stars is made up of two parts. The anteroom or lobby consists in a corridor space the refined decor of which is provided by hand-decorated paper work, with drawings of the parks and sights of Milan (by Misha), with lively playful lighting from small luminous tubes (provided by Flos, the company responsible for lighting throughout the suite). The bathroom and wellness zone features a large free-standing bath (by Globo, providing all the sanitary ware) and a shower (angled toward the window looking out toward the Duomo). On the other side we have a top with double washbasin with hydro-nozzle taps/faucets and fittings (by Hansgrohe) providing sustainable water-use convenience. Thanks to the small LED courtesy lights, guests will be able to enter the bathroom without the glare of the bathroom lights bursting in on the darkness that enveloped them as they slept. The space’s surfaces are entirely in a warmly mellow resin cladding (by HDsurface). The key feature of the bedroom is the four-poster bed (by MDF Italia, providing all the furniture) positioned centrally in the space facing the square, shielded by a light, textured linen veil. The walls are a bright red. A sense of intensity, warmth and passion is perfectly created by the top quality paint (provided by Francesca’s Paints), not to mention the boiserie constructed by Giovanni Fiorito starting out from the design project by Jacopo della Fontana. Here, old boards were used that had been recovered from restoration of the hotel’s shared spaces. The light diffusion solutions consist in LED light projected from the moulding onto the ceiling, a standard lamp, hanging lamps on the bedside tables, and lamps on the writing tables. Completing the furniture and furnishings are two armchairs, a number of pouffes, a mirror resting against the wall, and comfortable balcony seating. The classic warmth of oaken bordered herringbone parquet is a throwback to the style of the homes of Milan’s aristocratic class. An experience most definitely to be re-experienced!
TownHouse Duomo is the only existing luxury hotel with a view into the Piazza Duomo and the Cathedral in all its majesty. Twelve of the fourteen rooms have floor to ceiling doors that open onto balconies facing the Dome.
TownHouse Duomo, evolves into a mix a fascinating outlets. The Duomo lounge, bar and terrace, a location that does not need a presentation; the WECC, World Expo Commissioners Club, a club reserved for the Commissioners and the delegations that will take part in the most important event of the year, a place where they can meet and exchange ideas and views; the exclusive 5th floor restaurant, terrace and reception all located at what will become the most exclusive address in town, Piazza Duomo 21.