EHL Group creates a networking platform for its partners


EHL Group has created the EHL Alliance, a “business club” designed to leverage EHL’s resources and knowledge, offering its members the possibility to tap into the best minds, research and network in global hospitality management.

Designed by EHL Advisory Services, EHL Group’s consulting and training company, the new EHL Alliance will be accessible by way of a yearly membership that can be tailored to the size, capacity and needs of each member. A broad range of benefits have been engineered specifically for schools, hospitality companies and individuals who wish to become part of the EHL Alliance. These include discounted or privileged access to consultancy services, education, training and research, knowledge sharing with EHL’s faculty and innovation centers, priority access to EHL’s young talents for recruiters, access to networking events and more.

“All entities of EHL Group – whether the consulting company, the University in Lausanne or the Professional School in Graubünden – seamlessly interlock to propose a wide range of services and educational offers. Today, we are extremely happy to extend this capacity beyond the Group and respond to what has been a recurring demand from our industry partners. Our network has grown organically and exponentially over 125 years, now the time has come to create a formal structure that explicitly categorizes the many benefits of an ongoing relationship with EHL Group”, explained Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL Group.

On April 4th, the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has become a founding member of the EHL Alliance. Already a longstanding friend of EHL, IHG has decided to formalize its relationship with EHL Group, the world’s top hospitality management education group. “The Alliance is a business club bringing together the best of the hospitality industry as well as leaders from very different sectors such as watchmaking, agri-food, health, sports, banking.

This agreement marks the culmination of several years of collaboration between IHG and EHL students and alumni. We very much look forward to taking hospitality to new heights, hand in hand with IHG”, explained Olivier Roux, Senior Managing Director of EHL Advisory Services. The international network of schools certified by EHL Group is also an integral part of the EHL Alliance.

“We’re incredibly proud of our colleagues, who come together from all backgrounds, to create a special culture and make IHG an outstanding place where everyone is truly welcome.

As we continue to grow and build our business for the years ahead, we are excited to have partnered with some of world’s most prestigious hospitality schools, such as EHL. Through these relationships, and a range of other programs, we aim to continue to inspire, engage and nurture some of the best industry talent. I’m looking forward to seeing these partnerships further support a new generation of IHG leaders”, enounced Ranjay Radhakrishnan, Chief Human Resources Officer, IHG.