Emerald Bay Hotel Opens Doors


The Emerald Bay Hotel (“the Hotel”) opens to the public, offering tourists a premium hospitality service while visiting the newly opened Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World, a Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd project. Celebrated as one of the top 10 tourism projects in Yunnan province, the 4,735-hectare park is China’s first tourist attraction devoted to the preservation and understanding of the Chengjiang World Heritage Cambrian fossil site.

As part of the Cambrian Town Happy World project, the newly unveiled Hotel will provide tourists with an immersive experience combining the region’s unique historical nature and contemporary Chinese culture within the idyllic surroundings of Fuxian Lake, the biggest highland freshwater lake in China known for its mysterious ancient underwater city.

The opening ceremony was attended by the president of Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd Mr. Chen Rongsheng and Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd General Manager Mr. Chen Guanquan.

“Fuxian Lake is set to benefit hugely from the opening of China’s first archaeology themed park. With the world-class historical and cultural heritage site just a stone’s throw away, we believe Fuxian Lake will offer visitors more than beautiful and poetic scenery, it will become a new highlight of cultural tourism in China,” said Chen Rongsheng during the opening ceremony.

Discovered in the 1980s at Maotian Mountain, Chengjiang County, the Cambrian fossil heritage site provides unparalleled evidence of the Cambrian explosion; a period when the diversified present-day life forms began to take shape over 500 million years ago. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012, the significant geological and paleontological background of this fantastic location will be integrated with a variety of entertaining activities and services. Including, but not limited to, an Ocean Park, Cambrian Museum, Science Research Laboratory, Zoo, Entertainment Park, Farmland, Convention Center and Educational Centre to provide visitors with fun and inspirational ways to explore the history of life on earth.

The Cambrian Museum houses discoveries in the region within a high-tech domed amphitheatre connected by an exhibition corridor that links the earth’s present to its past. The Paleontology Education Camp features an interactive area for children to search for biological specimens in the camp’s natural habitat before going on a stargazing journey across the galaxy. The park will also be home to an array of animals and sea-life, offering visitors unique real-life encounters with our planet’s fascinating past aided by cutting-edge VR technology.

Families will also be able to enjoy the Ocean Park, with its 360-degree aquarium and performance centre scheduled to open in 2020; pay a visit to Animal World, home to animals from seven continents housed in surroundings designed to replicate their natural habitat; and venture into the Ecological Wetland Park, which, with its proximity to Fuxian Lake, offers a rare and authentic experience of the region’s biodiversity. There is also the adrenaline-pumping Dream World Entertainment Center and Cambrian Culture Street, where visitors can watch live cultural performances and take home a piece of history from local craft shops.

In addition to enhancing tourists’ experience, the Cambrian Town Happy World also devotes itself to leading the development of the local area, including the relocation of the Yijiu Village for the protection of Fuxian Lake’s greenbelt. The villagers will be relocated to a specially designed ecological settlement within the boundaries of the Cambrian Town, complete with modernised, well-equipped schools, hospitals and commercial facilities; the Cambrian Town is set to boost local employment numbers by an estimated 5,000-6,000 directly and 20,000-30,000 indirectly, providing significant job opportunities to the local populace and facilitating the urbanization of the region.

An International Convention center will be built with a capacity of 4,000 people within the premises of Cambrian Town Happy World, offering professional and comprehensive meeting facilities and services.

The Cambrian Town Happy World integrates world heritage, natural resources, themed-parks, museum and innovative projects, setting a new model of world-class tourism that better benefits residents. “The project will become the destination for a Cambrian Fossil Heritage experience, setting a new highlight for ecological tourism in China and as a driving force for local development,” said Chen Guanquan.