Fire destroys England’s reportedly oldest hotel


Royal Clarence Hotel, which is said to be the oldest in England, caught on fire and was in a blaze for over 24 hours, according to a report by the Guardian. Only the shell of the hotel survived, thus demolishing of the building has started, the BBC reported. The hotel could be rebuilt in the future, owners say.

A total of 110 firefighters were tackling the flames at the hotel in Exeter, the Daily Mail reported. The hotel has stood on the site since medieval times, the Guardian noted. The fire was reported to have been fed by ruptured fuel lines.

Initial reports of the fire stated it could have started from an art gallery in Exeter city center, spreading onto the hotel, the Daily Mail added.

No injuries have been reported, neither the possible cause of the fire. Initial the Guardian reports mentioned no suspicious activities in connection with the starting of the fire.
Demolishing of the hotel has started, though owners are planning to rebuild the hotel according to a statement issued on their website.

“Looking to the future, we have every intention to rebuild the hotel with enormous sympathy to its importance and heritage, and to make it once again a building that the City of Exeter will be proud of,” the statement says.

“We would like to thank the city of Exeter and the many, many people who have helped us since the events of Friday. We are so grateful for the incredible efforts of the emergency services, especially the fire service who attended in huge numbers to assist in the effort to save The Royal Clarence and surrounding buildings,” the statement added.