Environmental scent makes way from luxury hotels to luxury high-rise residential buildings


Ubiquitous in luxury hotels worldwide, environmental scent has now become the must-have amenity for luxury high-rise residential buildings. The latest upscale building to include this sensory experience for its residents and guests is the brand new Echo Brickell, just minutes away from Miami’s city center.

Located in the heart of Brickell Avenue with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the intracoastal and the Miami skyline, Echo Brickell includes over 170 ultra high-end homes, many of which are two floors. Designed by award-winning architect Carlos Ott, the building gracefully curves; each residence is outfitted with modern luxury appliances, flooring and fixtures and a built-in voice activated smart home system.

“We decided to scent because we wanted people who come into the common areas to immediately have their senses engaged. For visual, we have our aquarium, we have music playing in the lobby and the scent was the final piece,” said Taylor Peña, Echo’s General Manager.

Echo’s developers worked with Air Esscentials to develop a signature scent that expresses the cool, modern vibe while. The bespoke Echo fragrance contains notes of geranium, cardamom, lemon and fresh tea leaves with a blue metal accord. The signature scent greets residents and guests as soon as they enter the spectacular lobby area, which is dominated by an enormous aquarium. Ms. Peña describes the scent as woodsy and fresh.

Another fragrance, Cool Air, with refreshing eucalyptus and fresh mint enhances enjoyment of the world-class health club and spa.

“Affluent individuals want their homes to be a respite from everyday stress and creating a relaxing sensory environment is a great way to accomplish that goal,” said Spence Levy, President of Air Esscentials. “We are seeing a huge demand for home scenting, as people look for ways to personalize their space and transform their home into an oasis of calm.” Air Esscentials sells a variety of home scenting systems and fragrances.

About Air Esscentials:
Air Esscentials® provides leading edge scent delivery systems, and develops high quality aroma and essential oil blends for retail, hospitality, entertainment, event and other discerning commercial clients. The company has a global distribution network, with partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Air Esscentials® provides the expertise and advanced scent diffusion equipment required to make the transition into the world of branded scents.