Hilton Tel Aviv Bags Sustainability Award


Hilton Tel Aviv and The Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv, the iconic properties that are part of Hilton Hotels and Resort’s fast-growing global portfolio of full-service upscale hotels, just received a prestigious award this week for their long-standing investment in environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The award, which recognizes Hilton as a hotel that applies the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, was announced during the Green Ten Conference. The public committee that made the decision includes an independent judiciary composed of senior professionals in Israel: Dr. Asher Vatury — Lecturer in Sustainability at the Holon Institute of Technology, an environmental researcher and consultant; Professor Nava Haruvi of Netanya College; Dr. David Katz — Lecturer at the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Haifa University; and Adv. Matan Gurfinkel, who is an expert with environmental and sustainability issues.

The award was given for Hilton Tel Aviv and The Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv’s extensive environmental protection and energy efficiency activities, which include installing air conditioning units in guest rooms that operate only when the room is occupied, cooling air condition systems with salty groundwater, installing solar panels to provide hot water, using sensors to turn off lights automatically in different areas when not in use, strict waste separation, significant reduction of plastic usage (replacing straws and plastic toothpicks with paper straws and bamboo toothpicks), gardening with desert plants, irrigation with recycled air condition drips and more.

“We are proud to win the exclusive award and hope to set an example to the hotel industry in Israel to follow us,” says Ronnie Fortis, Country Director for Hilton Hotels Israel. “LightStay — Hilton’s Global Project, our comprehensive, one-solution platform for all environmental, operational and social impact, has enabled us to reduce energy use, carbon output, waste output and water. Receiving the award is the acknowledgment for LightStay, and for that we thank the committee,” says Fortis.

Hilton Tel Aviv and The Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv’s efforts form part of Hilton’s 2030 goals: Hilton is redefining sustainable travel by cutting its environmental footprint in half and doubling its investment in social impact by 2030.