Hotel June to Open in California in 2020


Proper Hospitality co-founders Brian De Lowe and Brad Korzen announced the debut of their new brand venture: Hotel June. Set to open in spring 2020, the hotel is inspired by the soul and spirit of California, named to reflect new beginnings and a summer sensibility, year-round.

The inaugural property on the Westside of Los Angeles is the first of several planned locations across the U.S. and abroad. Hotel June, which marks a new chapter for Proper, caters to travelers who have a passion for design, dining and community, all at an accessible price point. De Lowe and Korzen created Hotel June as the “every visit” hotel –– a place for frequent casual stays for both corporate and leisure travelers and a go-to neighborhood hangout for locals.

“We are thrilled to launch Hotel June, our sister to Proper Hotels,” states De Lowe. “We created Hotel June as a nod to the progressive lifestyle that has become synonymous with California. Young, active, cheerful, laid-back and fun. We’ll bring the same attention to detail that we are known for, but with a more playful and relaxed approach. We’re letting our hair down, so to speak, and can’t wait to introduce this new brand in our own backyard of Los Angeles.”

Hotel June displays a modern and approachable design with coastal influences across the portfolio, with elements characteristic to each market celebrated. The debut property seamlessly blends contemporary coastal California inflections with classic mid-century architecture, paying homage to the iconic nearby beaches and original building from renowned LA architect Welton Beckett. Award-winning, Venice-based design agency, Studio Collective, brings the relaxed and bright spirit of the West Coast to life with light natural woods, native fabrics, handmade tiles and local art.

Building on Proper Hospitality’s passion for innovative culinary partners, Hotel June’s dining and drinking destinations cater to the community with new food and beverage concepts created in partnership with hospitality impresario Steve Livigni of Happy To Serve You Hospitality Group (Scopa Italian Roots, DAMA, Old Lightning). At the Los Angeles location, these concepts take guests to Hotel June’s favorite stops on a road trip from Northern Baja to Santa Barbara, drawing inspiration from California’s diversity, agriculture, brewing, winemaking and distilling. Hotel June’s culinary programs are single-use plastic free, in alignment with the team’s continued efforts toward sustainability.

“I’m really excited to be partnering with the Proper team to launch Hotel June. The fun thing about this concept is that this is how we live our lives –– exploring, surfing, camping and sharing these moments with dear friends and family over a meal. We’re eager to bring these experiences to the table at Hotel June for all to share and celebrate,” says Livigni.

With Hotel June’s mission to engage locals and celebrate emerging creatives, the communal spaces feature interactive and cultural programming distinctive to the property. Hotel June is home to live music, eclectic entertainment, inspiring talks, lively tastings and original excursions.