Kalisti Hotel & Suites in Fira, Santorini Finishes Renovations


Following a complete renovation, Kalisti Hotel & Suites welcomes this season with a brand new look. Serene and charming, this hotel is designed according to the rules of Cycladic architecture, reflecting the impressive beauty of Santorini’s landscape, nowhere else to be found in the world. Interiors are luxurious and, at the same time, comforting, blending minimalism with the warmth of natural materials, island simplicity with elegance, and earthy colors with hues of grey, highlighted by touches of gold.

The 50 rooms and suites are spacious and comfortable, bringing together modern design with tradition, as expressed through artisanal materials and objects, with every detail playing a part in the overall feeling of deep relaxation.

Kalisti Hotel features the largest pool in Fira Town, Santorini
Kalisti Hotel features the largest pool in Fira Town, Santorini
Here, one can relax with fresh fruit juices and exotic cocktails by the generous-in-size swimming pool — the biggest in Fira — enjoying the light cuisine of the Pergola Pool Bar; while in the Rosemary Restaurant, you will find signature dishes of delicious, local Greek specialties and Mediterranean flavors.

Massage therapies and holistic treatments, using natural Apivita plant oils, can be scheduled and enjoyed in the comfort of your room or by the pool, while a bouquet of activities are offered, specially designed to explore and experience the uniqueness of Santorini on and off the beaten track.

In a peaceful area, but within a “key location” in the heart of Fira Town, this charming hotel is just minutes away from the stunning caldera rim, museums, galleries, fine restaurants, shops and the vibrant island’s nightlife. Attracting an international clientele, Kalisti Hotel & Suites remains a valuable spot shared among families, the meeting point for friends from all over the world, a destination for those who wish to experience the cosmopolitan vibe of Santorini, with access to every piece of the puzzle of the island’s lifestyle.