LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang opens doors in China


LN Hospitality, a core enterprise affiliated to Guangzhou Lingnan Group Holdings Co. Ltd. (SZ000524), announced the grand opening of LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang. With roots in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area tracing back to the platinum five star LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou, the upscale hotel brand LN Garden Hotels & Resorts are now expanding to western Guangdong with a property located in the heart of the Jinsha Bay, central business district of Zhanjiang.

Zhanjiang is the urban beating heart that powers the Beibu Gulf. Riding the current wave of development, the Beibu Gulf is a unique region nestled alongside the majestic South China Sea. Beginning from last year, a new national level development strategy was proposed with Shantou and Zhanjiang being named as the cities at opposite ends of the Guangdong Coastal Economic Belt Program. In line with this strategy the provincial government of Guangdong has put forth a regional coordinated development plan with Zhanjiang being named as the blueprint from which new developments throughout the region will eventually be modeled upon. As one of the two endpoints of the Guangdong Coastal Economic Belt Program and an emerging coastal tourism destination, the already vibrant city of Zhanjiang has been infused with new vitality.

Jinsha Bay Plaza, where the LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang is located, is a landmark urban commercial center situated in the middle of the Jinsha Bay Ocean View Promenade. The promenade is a national 4A level scenic area and one of the sparkling jewels of Zhanjiang. The physical property which the hotel is at was built with investment by western Guangdong’s famous Wanxiang Group. The 200-meter super skyscraper towers over both the city and harbor allowing for beautiful views in all directions while also becoming a landmark site in and of itself. Facing directly towards the Zhanjiang Bay Bridge and Zhanjiang Olympic Center Stadium on the other shore, the hotel is in close proximity to the International Convention and Exhibition Center. The site seamlessly blends vibrant urban districts with the tranquil susurration of the harbor waters beating against the shore. Leaving the LN Garden Hotel, it is only a fifteen minute journey by car to either the Zhanjiang Airport or the local High Speed Railway Station. Travel time to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is about two hours.

Flanking the entrance to the hotel are two lighthouse shaped buildings. As the lighthouses of yore served to guard mariners against the dangers of hidden shoals, so too these two buildings which will bear witness to the transformation of this coastal region are the symbolic guardians of the hopes and dreams of Jinsha Bay.

When one first steps foot into the lobby, it is impossible not to be astonished and delighted by the ingenious design. Butting up against the top of the grand entranceway, the interior dome ceiling arches overhead six stories above the ground like the vaulted roof of a European cathedral. At the same time, the hotel’s close connection to the sea is seen in the colors of the floor to ceiling glass walls of the main lobby. At dawn, the radiant clouds of sunrise curl themselves around the shoulders of a golden day. Throughout the day, the light of the sun strikes the crystal prism of the main chandelier and scatters brilliant splashes of sunshine like raindrops. As night falls, the space is lit up with fixtures resembling the traditional nets used by local fishermen. Whether guests are staying overnight at the hotel, attending a conference, or just stopping by for a visit to the restaurants or Sky Garden, visitors to the hotel will find themselves bowed over by the spectacle of a unique place which seems to be caught halfway between heaven and earth.

Poseidon’s Palace: The hotel has 235 luxurious rooms. Each and every one of these rooms is innovatively decorated with natural materials such wood and seashells. In combination with the ambient lighting, the décor chosen by our interior designer creates a peaceful retreat where one can enjoy the sounds and sights of the sea or just get a perfect night’s sleep. At LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang, the noise of the city gives way to quiet luxury. Answering the beckoning call of the bed’s fine cotton sheets, it is as though one has been embraced by a gentle cloud. The deep in-room bathtub which graces each room is a perfect way to soak away the cares and worries of life. Or, guests can look out on the peaceful sight of the great Bay Bridge via each room’s floor-to-ceiling windows. The 270° seascape is sure to be unlike anything guests have ever before seen and even though it is not possible to hear the gentle sound of the waves breaking against the shore from such a high vantage point, guests will still be able to enjoy the sight of the breakers marching in one after another.

Ocean Flavor: Just as the hotel’s architects and interior designers left no stone unturned in their quest to ensure that our guests will have a perfect coastal scenery experience, so too has our F&B team labored when it comes to creating an ocean flavored culinary experience. With traditional handmade dim sum featuring local fresh ingredients and innovative techniques our Cantonese restaurant — Peach Blossom — has its origins from the Peach Blossom Restaurant located in the LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou. The Peach Blossom Guangzhou is a historic and award-winning Cantonese restaurant known both inside and outside of China. Our All Day Dining Restaurant features a fusion of oriental and occidental cuisine in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. Featuring exclusive service throughout the day with light snacks and happy hour cocktails, the 38th Floor Executive Lounge is an excellent place from which to enjoy both distinctive LN hospitality and an unobstructed view of the sea.

Meetings and Conferences: Providing a flexible banquet and meeting space, the beautifully designed grand ballroom is a 1,000m2 pillarless space with a 10-meter high ceiling. Incorporating the experience of the LN Hospitality smart Green Meetings concept, our ballroom and ancillary facilities provide first-class conference equipment and a first-class conference experience including a full support team available from the earliest stages of planning to the final stages of executing a perfect high-end business conference, show, or wedding.

Coastal Comfort: For those guests in search of a leisure experience, the hotel is a fabulous one-stop experience. The Sky Garden’s infinity pool immerses guests in wonderland halfway between the ocean and the heavens. Our hotel also provides a fully equipped fitness center and yoga room. Should guests choose to step foot outside the property, they will immediately find themselves on the soft white sands of Jinsha Bay.

Coastal Entertainment: Jinsha Bay Plaza, where our property is located, features a large number of international brand-name stores along with leisure centers and a star rated cinema. It’s the perfect blend of bustling urbanity and coastal quiet. Bringing together fashionable apparel, high-end cosmetics, trendy accessories and jewelry, exquisite stationery and paper goods, a children’s play paradise, an international chain supermarket, and 24-hour financial service facilities, the famous brand name stores located within the mall are as numerous as trees in the forest. The luxury SFC Studio Cinema on the 3rd floor of the shopping center covers an area of 3,000m2 and is equipped with both Dolby panoramic sound and a 4D playback system so that visitors can be fully immersed in a real Hollywood experience.

Coconut Breezes and Sapphire Seas; One Bay, Two Shores

At LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang, it is possible to escape from the city’s noisy concrete jungle to a relaxing natural environment where it is possible to immerse oneself in Jinsha Bay’s coconut breezes and sapphire seas. Guests here will not only be able to find a moment’s respite from their daily labors but also an unparalleled service experience which is sure to make them longingly wish to return again and again.

Embraced by the greenery of the surrounding mountains and countryside, Zhanjiang has blue skies and clean ocean waters. Add in the yellow rays of warm sunlight and the delicious local seafood and it is little wonder that Zhanjiang is known as one of China’s Top Ten Leisure Lifestyle Cities. The property’s unique geographical advantages allow guests to enjoy a panoramic view of green coconut palms and blue ocean waters in a relaxing coastal atmosphere.

Bare feet in the soft sand, facing the water, the gentle breezes of the morning muss hair like a long lost lover. White waves breaking against the shore delineate the boundary between heaven and earth. Watching the water crash into the golden sands, while the salt sea breeze caresses your face is a meditative experience that relaxes mind, body, and soul. As night spills carelessly across the sky, stars emerge from hiding, seagulls frolic in the skies above, and fishing boats can be seen on the distant horizon.

Guests who are looking to enjoy Zhanjiang have many opportunities available to them. They can rent a yacht for a few hours and go out on the ocean with friends or they can enjoy cultural and natural landscapes such as the Zhanjiang Fisherman’s Wharf, Techeng Islet, Ma’er Lake, and Cunjin Bridge Park. If activities such as these are not to their taste, guests can shop with a wide range of goods ranging from local specialties to luxury imports.

Although newly opened, LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang relies on the comprehensive advantages of LN’s full chain tourism industry experience. This allows the hotel to hit the ground running in creating a high end experience which will pave the way for the development of Zhanjiang as a coastal tourism city linked to Hong Kong and Macao, and allow guests to easily and comfortably appreciate the unique charm of this oriental pearl of the sea. Whether a guest is coming for a leisurely vacation or a business trip, LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang is bound to give an unforgettable experience of quiet comfort.

Witness City Transformation with Classical Garden Hotel

The LN Garden Hotels & Resort brand originated from the LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou. The Garden Hotel was one of the first upscale hotels to be opened in China after the beginning of Reform and Opening up. Currently, it is one of only three platinum five-star hotels in the country and a legendary symbol of China’s development in the modern era for it is world class operation standards.

Our new Zhanjiang property draws inspiration from LN Garden Hotels & Resorts’ rich heritage of “Classic Timelessness, Diversity, Inclusivity, Green Culture, and Crafted Services”. The LN Garden Hotel, Zhanjiang has come about as a result of sincere cooperation between Wanxiang Group and Lingnan Group. Together, our two parties have managed to jointly create a landmark hotel which will not only provide for coastal leisure tourism but also provide for upscale international grade business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. With this hotel, we have committed ourselves to creating a new service benchmark in Guangdong at Zhanjiang’s Jinsha Bay central business district.