New luxury hospitality firm Flâneur Hospitality comes to life


Flâneur Hospitality, an innovative luxury hospitality company, has been formed by accomplished real estate entrepreneur Alex Ohebshalom to develop, own and operate iconic hotels that offer a singular aesthetic and ambiance, personalization and sensibility, for guests seeking an experience like no other. The Company will create hotels that encourage exploration, fascination and wonder, deliver a sense of serendipity and delight, and are a sanctuary of unparalleled comfort, intimacy and inspired personal service.

“The essence of the flâneur has resonated with me for quite some time, and I am deeply passionate about bringing this enchanting and enriching concept to life through hotels where guests feel at home in the home they wish they had,” said Mr. Ohebshalom, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flâneur Hospitality. “To be present in the moment is the ultimate luxury, and my goal is to create hotels that inspire guests to slow down and saunter, and serve as enticing portals to discover, experience and explore the riches and hidden treasures of their locales, in a stimulating and socially engaging environment.”

Deriving inspiration from the literary tradition of the flâneur, an observer for whom time slows delighting in “the gastronomy of the eye,” Flâneur Hospitality is focused on creating and curating evocative and impassioned design, amenities and personalized service, all intuitively fashioned to engender a sense of delight, discovery and playfulness that is all too elusive in the speed of the Information Age and in luxury hospitality today. Familiar and intimate, and imbued with imagination and wonder, the Flâneur Hospitality ethos will appeal to travelers seeking to escape the homogeny of traditional luxury hospitality.

With a belief in the transformative power of experiential travel, Mr. Ohebshalom’s vision for Flâneur Hospitality came about as a result of his extensive journeys; from the peaks of Mount Everest to the labyrinth streets of Marrakesh and countless corners of the world in between. The Company coalesces his passion for travel with his extensive experience in real estate as Vice President of Empire Management, which included the development of approximately one million square feet of ‘best-in-class’ residential, retail and hospitality properties in New York City.

For its inaugural project, Flâneur Hospitality has been engaged by Cosmic Realty Partners LLC, in which Mr. Ohebshalom is a principal, to develop a 155-guestroom luxury hotel, scheduled to open in the fall of 2019, on Fifth Avenue in the NoMad district in New York City.

About Flâneur Hospitality
Flâneur Hospitality is a hotel development and management company where intuitive service, imaginative experiences and intimate sensibilities combine to bring timeless, illuminating and inspiring hospitality to life through a balance and harmony of luxury, experience and environment. Flâneur Hospitality was founded by Alexander Ohebshalom, a New York City real estate entrepreneur and avid world traveler, who also serves as the Company’s visionary Chief Executive Officer.