Orange County to welcome first luxury cat-only hotel in Irvine


Orange County’s first luxury hotel exclusively for cats will be opening in Irvine this winter. Centrally located just two miles from John Wayne airport, Club Cat, an up-and-coming alternative to conventional boarding, will provide peace-of-mind to cat owners who travel for business or pleasure.

With limited options in Orange County to board cats in a cat-only facility, Club Cat founder, Shana Martin, set out to create an upscale boarding environment. “As a lifelong cat owner, traveling was always stressful for me because it was difficult to rely on family, friends or neighbors to take care of my cats the way I wanted them to be taken care of,” says Martin. “Hiring pet sitters wasn’t an option either because I never felt comfortable giving a complete stranger access to my home and personal belongings.”

Martin’s vision was also motivated by the misleading belief that cats are self-sufficient creatures. “Many people think cats are happy with just a bowl of food, some water, and a litter box, but research says otherwise,” says Martin. A recent study conducted by scientists from Oregon State University reveals that cats are more like their canine counterparts than not, the majority preferring social interaction to food.

Fashioned after luxury hotels and resorts, Club Cat’s unique accommodations are a departure from conventional boarding options for cats. Designed especially for felines, who are vertically inclined creatures, the suites are eight-feet tall and at least three and a half feet wide with enclosed balconies.

Martin, a freelance writer, combined her passion for literature and cats to create an upscale and spacious yet cozy and inviting feel. Suite names are “cat-punned” after some of her favorite novels – The Great Catsby (after Charles Dicken’s The Great Gatsby) and Romeow and Juliet (after Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) to name a few.

In addition to modern trompe l’oeil and whimsical cat portraiture décor, cat suites will be shared only by cats from the same family. “Stress can substantially weaken a cat’s immune system,” says Kelly Doria, DVM at All Paws House Calls, who has been advising Martin from the start. “Creating a safe, secure, environmentally stimulating area at Club Cat will help to keep cats calm and minimize their stress when their owner is away.”

About Club Cat

Club Cat is a boutique luxury hotel and resort exclusively designated for the day and overnight care of domestic cats. As a high-end alternative to traditional cat boarding, Club Cat provides more than just a safe and clean environment for cats; it also promises a five-star customer service experience for both cat and cat owner alike.

While in Club Cat’s care, kitty cat patrons receive the type of authentic love, care, and attention they’re used to at home – and much more. Founded by a lifelong cat owner whose goal is to give fellow cat owners peace-of-mind when separated from their cats, Club Cat is committed to providing the highest level of service, comfort, and entertainment for each of its kitty cat patrons.