Recreational Tennis Coaching announces the opening of RTC Tennis Center


Recreational Tennis Coaching is proud to announce the opening of RTC Tennis Center at Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Maldives Platinum All Inclusive Resort.

Traveling around the World and visiting a lot of hotels, resorts and Country clubs we noticed that most of them have a tennis court, but it does not generate any revenue. The reason for this is that there is either no tennis coach or a not professional one. Very often during a stay in a luxury Resorts I, as a good tennis player, did not want to pay to play with a tennis coach in the Resort since their tennis level was considerably less than mine. I was not the only guest like this. Normally the General manager or the person who oversees employment of the tennis coach cannot say if this coach has good tennis level. A lot of tennis pro organizations are giving out certifications without checking the tennis level, you can even get one online. Sometimes a tennis pro can play tennis but cannot sell the product. Many resorts have a coach on call on the outside, who can only satisfy guests that already know what they want, but he cannot generate any additional sales. We decided to change this situation and offer resorts, hotels and country clubs specially trained coaches.
We designed a unique recreational tennis program based on continued education to get more customers on the court, to keep them there for their entire holiday and they will want to come back for more. We have highly trained tennis coaches with a guaranteed professional tennis level and who have passed a sales training to work at the facility to increasing the revenue of the resort. The tennis coach is a partner with RTC, he gets a revenue share. This equals to high sales motivation from his side.

Our business model allows us to have the best coaches working with us. Last month there was a side inspection in the Maldives for a VVIP guest from US. The agents checked out 25 resorts, the main point for the guest was tennis. They have chosen Constance Halaveli Resort and SPA over all other resorts because we operate the Tennis activities. The other facilities could not compete with our coach.

By letting us manage the tennis court our partners will get a high quality coach, specially trained to work in luxury hospitality on how to sell the tennis product to the resorts guests. The best thing is, the resorts do not have to pay a salary to the coach.

We are running successfully the tennis courts at Constance Halavel Maldives and Lily Beach Resort and Spa, Maldives.

Now, we are in process of opening a RTC Club (tennis for expats and residents) at Pullman Changshu Leeman, China.

We are bringing tennis to Non-tennis destinations. We make it possible for the Resorts to offer to their guests a Luxury beach holiday together with the great tennis vacations.

Recreational Tennis Coaching (RTC), a company based in the Barcelona Tennis Academy (BTA) in Spain (BTA was called one of the 9 best Tennis Academy’s in the World in 2015), who provides worldwide resorts, hotels and country clubs with professional tennis coaches specially trained to work in a Luxury Hospitality environment to manage the tennis court on a revenue share base.