Rosewood Asaya Hong Kong Adds Wellness Journey


Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, the leading exemplar of ultra-luxury residential-style hospitality, is pleased to invite guests to begin the new year by embarking on a superior, holistic health and wellness journey at Asaya Hong Kong, the ultimate new urban wellness destination situated in the Rosewood brand’s home city of Hong Kong.

Named after the Sanskrit term for setting an intention or hope to propel self-change and transformation, Asaya welcomes individuals from all walks of life to pursue their personal wellness goals in a nurturing and supportive environment. Offering locally inspired, culturally authentic experiences across five key components of holistic wellness, Asaya provides an unparalleled opportunity to achieve unlimited potential in the year ahead and beyond. Following the recent debut of Asaya Hong Kong in late 2019, together with Asaya Phuket, Rosewood’s progressive wellness programme can now be fully experienced across both a city hotel, with a focus on ongoing and holistic transformation, membership and community, and a remote resort, with an emphasis on retreats and cathartic programs.

Occupying 3,716 square metres (40,000 square feet) and set over two dedicated floors of indoor-outdoor space in the iconic Rosewood Tower, within the game-changing new Victoria Dockside development on Tsim Sha Tsui’s waterfront, Asaya is the most comprehensive integrated urban wellness offering of any hotel or lifestyle facility in the city. Located on the sixth and seventh floors, Asaya sets out to holistically support a lifestyle of wellness and includes carefully curated experiences with expert practitioners that empower Rosewood’s guests, as well as Asaya patrons and members, to begin their wellness journeys by first connecting with themselves.

Asaya’s innovative approach transcends conventional ideas of spa to offer best-in-class integrated treatments from a variety of traditions; personalised wellness programmes tailored around guests’ needs and goals; and specialised retreats and workshops across a wide range of disciplines that address the fundamentals of health and well-being and effect long-lasting change across all age groups.

In creating Asaya, Rosewood Hotel Group CEO Sonia Cheng envisioned a comprehensive new destination for wellness. Conceived with the purpose of creating innovative solutions as an antidote to the ailments of busy, stressful urban living, at Asaya, hotel guests and local members alike can explore their highest potential. With the inherent understanding that each person is unique, guests can activate their wellness journey in a nurturing and supportive environment which celebrates a shared sense of purpose and community.

“At Rosewood Hotel Group we recognise that now more than ever, there is a need for a sense of greater well-being and a profound shift in the way people perceive wellness,” said Cheng. “Once it was regarded as a luxury ‘add on,’ however, now it is infused into every aspect of our day-to-day lives, from how we travel, to the source of our food, to our personal and physical nurturing, accepting the need for emotional self-care, as well as a growing consciousness towards fostering greater community in today’s fast-paced, technology driven world.”

Integrated, Customised Wellness
Lifestyle programming at Asaya has been developed around five distinct pillars which include emotional balance; fitness and nutrition; physical therapies; skin health; and community — with “passages” customised to the individual needs of each guest. Therapies for mind, body and spirit are provided in an intimate, compassionate and non-judgemental environment. Asaya’s resident practitioners are experts in the fields of movement coaching and body work, naturopathy, tailored fitness and arts therapy — tapping into the emotional realm to clear obstacles, facilitate expression, promote healing and cultivate self-care through establishing a healthy lifestyle.

According to Niamh O’Connell, Rosewood Hotel Group’s Vice President, Guest Experience and Wellness, Asaya’s differentiated approach to wellness programming recognises each and every guest for who they are as an individual and then helps to identify what may be out of kilter in their lives.

“Coming to Asaya Hong Kong to work with our expert practitioners who then put together a programme for you, is a transformative experience,” said O’Connell. “For some people this might be a short programme of a day, a month or a few months, and for others it might be a year or more to completely address their concerns. Your wellbeing is an ecosystem and if one aspect of your lifestyle is out of sync then it has an impact on your overall state of wellbeing. For example, stress is not just a mental state, it impacts diet — which affects gut health, which is connected to emotional health; and this in turn influences mental health and physical health. This is why the programs at Asaya have been designed to relate across all dimensions of your wellbeing to enhance all aspects as your journey unfolds.”

Specialist retreats by world-renowned visiting expert practitioners combine the best traditional and alternative therapies to treat and heal, inspire and empower every participant to realise their goals and aspirations in order to achieve deep and positive change. At Asaya Hong Kong, quarterly Asaya Wellness Forums will explore the ways of wellness with a headline programme of world-class guest speakers and preeminent voices in wellness, mindfulness and multi-faceted health.

For their inaugural visits, hotel guests, Asaya members and local patrons are encouraged to begin their Asaya journeys with specially designed functional assessments to identify the core areas on which they wish to focus. These range from the Wellness Lifestyle Assessment that evaluates the 12 dimensions of wellness in our lives, to Genetic Analysis, as well as 3-D Facial Skin Analysis, as a precursor to a host of targeted treatments.

Fostering the Asaya community, hotel guests and Asaya members and local patrons alike are encouraged to explore their highest potential, and kick start their wellness journeys within a context of purposeful intent and fellowship. Community-driven activities create long-lasting and meaningful pathways to well-being through joyful, purpose-driven, socially conscious pursuits, as well as build a sense of kinship amongst like-minded Asaya members.