Three travel insurance one needs not to pay for, says Squaremouth


Many travelers think a more expensive travel insurance policy is better, causing them to overspend for unnecessary coverage. Leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains how travelers can save money by skipping these three options they may not need.

Don’t Pay More for Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

Many travelers pay way too much to be able to Cancel For Any Reason. More often than not, they pay extra to protect themselves from something that could already be covered, like a sickness or death of a family member.

“We never want our customers to pay more than they need to,” says Squaremouth Customer Service Director Jessica Harvey. “Because of the increase in price, we only recommend Cancel For Any Reason when travelers are concerned about cancelling for a very specific reason that isn’t covered.”

Primary Medical Policies May Not Be Worth More

Many travelers mistakenly think they need Primary travel insurance if their health insurance doesn’t have coverage where they’re going, or if they don’t have health insurance at all.

While Primary policies can pay their medical claim without involving their health insurance, Secondary policies can still cover them during their trip and are often less expensive. The main difference is Secondary policies require they claim with their health insurance first, even if they know it will be denied.

Medical Evacuations Are Less Expensive Than You Think

Travelers often hear the extreme stories of emergency mountainside evacuations and fear the worst, but this is extremely rare. It’s much more common to be evacuated for something non-life-threatening, where they will be flown home on a regular scheduled flight.

The cost of an evacuation is typically nowhere near what travelers imagine. Squaremouth recommends $100,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage for international travel, and $250,000 for cruises or remote travel. In many cases, less expensive policies will meet those amounts.

Squaremouth compares travel insurance policies from every major travel insurance provider in the United States. Using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and third-party customer reviews, travelers can research and compare insurance products side-by-side.