Tom Maoli eyes ROI investments in the City of Burlington


The crown jewel in the redevelopment is the former U.S. Pipe site where entrepreneur Tom Maoli was just named the redeveloper. This historic location, built in the 1900’s, is comprised of 26 acres located on the banks of the Delaware River. This site will become a destination for the arts and sciences. Mr. Maoli plans to repurpose the historic site and create a center for environmental research, education and scientific development. According to reports a luxury boutique hotel that has a conference room, restaurant and banquet center is also planned for the site.

There will be a family friendly cultural epicenter which will include residential housing and a breathtaking view of the Delaware River. has begun construction on a 1 million sqft e-commerce distribution center on the U.S. Pipe site adjacent to Maoli’s project.

Maoli states Amazon wanted to build another distribution center on this piece. However Maoli states he has bigger plans. “Burlington, New Jersey has an amazing history and my plan is to re-purpose the irreplaceable existing buildings that once housed U.S. Pipe. It will be a hub for families to live, learn, discover and enjoy. The first day I walked the site I had a vision to use the historic buildings and make it like the Wynwood business district of Miami, Florida. I visited Wynwood with my daughter and you can’t get in the place, people come from all over Florida to be a part of it, and I see the same for this site”.

Maoli is already in talks with the Tesla Science Institute, Maker Depot, The New Jersey Train Museum, and several high-end restaurant chains who all want to be part of this exciting project. Maoli also says there are some major corporate donors who want to support the gentrification. Maoli has met with Assemblyman Jim Kennedy and plans on meeting with Governor Phil Murphy about this pivotal project. This former U.S. Pipe site will also potentially house museums, a luxury boutique hotel that has a conference room, restaurant and banquet center.

The city of Burlington, steeped with U.S. history, is New Jersey’s first capital on the Delaware River that has been known for its manufacturing and historic landmarks. The streets where famous men of the past such as Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant walked is a part of the gentrification. As you drive through the city of Burlington, you feel the energy of change happening to New Jersey’s newest residential hotspot. The city of Burlington has already begun its transformation. Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts is opening up for Summer programs, and the riverfront concerts are being set to begin. New Jersey River Line, the light-rail that runs through the city, is taking passengers to Philadelphia and Trenton.

About Tom Maoli: Mr. Maoli is the president and CEO of Real Estate Opportunity Investments, LLC, a residential and commercial real estate company. In addition to his growing real estate empire he is also the President and CEO of Celebrity Motor Cars, LLC a luxury dealership group based in New Jersey and New York. Tom also hosts the “Go Big Or Go Home” radio show Sunday evenings at 7pm on WABC.