Southwest Airlines’ on-time performance drops in July


Southwest Airlines’ on-time performance fell in July following a technical outage that caused widespread disruption, The Morning Dallas News reported. However, the Dallas-based airlines still fared better for the month than its North Texas rival American Airlines, the online news outlet added based on recently released federal data.

The recently published data reveal that the airlines saw 70.8% of its planes arrive on time in July, a 3.5% dip as compared to the preceding month in the year, and a 2.7% drop as compared to the same month a year earlier, the portal reported.

However, reported canceled flights during the month were four times higher at 3,395 as compared to the same month a year earlier, out of the total 115,208 scheduled flights for the month. Alaska Airlines ranked first in July with an 89.4% on-time arrival rate, followed by Hawaiian Airlines with 88.8%, Skywest, a regional carrier, with 82.9% and Delta Air Lines with 81.6%, while at the bottom of the list were JetBlue Airways with 67.8% and Frontier Airlines with 63.3%, the portal concluded.