Spa Valet offers spa business owners the chance to Go Mobile


Spa Valet is thrilled to announce that spa owners, hotel managers, and those who hail from other industries are able to supplement their core offerings with an entirely unique service — a full-service, mobile spa cart that can go where your clients are. Whether it be at a client’s hotel room, in a hospital setting, or at the country club’s pool, Spa Valet offers those who are looking to carve out a unique space for their business the chance to supplement their revenue in a tangible way.

Spa Valet’s mission is to assist business owners with the ability to offer the full spa experience in a luxurious and private way while keeping overhead costs more reasonable. The spa cart itself provides a full-service spa experience, as it includes a hot towel warmer, Basalt stone set, facial steamer, pedi bowl, massage table, LED lamp, Bose sound system, retractable nail shelf, and a proprietary heat shelf.

It’s no secret that millennials are redefining the way we think about consumer behavior. Steve Cohen, Vice President of MMGY Global, reports that “six in ten millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material things.” In light of this newfound consumer behavior, businesses must adapt in order to thrive. With over 30 years in the spa industry, Spa Valet is uniquely aware of the areas of opportunity that exist in their field. A single spa cart can solve numerous obstacles faced by hotel managers and spa owners alike.

About Spa Valet:

Spa Valet has more than 30 years of experience in the spa industry, with their latest endeavor being the mobile spa cart. Their full-service spa cart is aimed at affording their customers the ability to set themselves apart in a variety of competitive industries. They pride themselves on the quality of their product along with an unrivaled dedication to customer service. Find out more at