Hotel Arts Bercelona opens P41 & Cocktelarium


Hotel Arts Barcelona has opened the doors of P41 & Coctelarium, a reinvented space that takes guests on a true liquid journey. P41 is short for “Parallel 41,” which is the latitude where the city of Barcelona is located, the parallel/constant line 41. The ongoing theme and motif of the bar celebrates destinations found along the 41st parallel.

The menu of P41 is creatively presented in the format of a boarding pass inspired by the classic cocktails, signature drinks and gastronomy of the cities or regions of countries occupying the 41st parallel (from Barcelona to Rome, Istanbul, California, Chicago, New York, and more). Cocktails have been handcrafted and conceived by the award-winning head mixologist of the hotel, Diego Baud. Known for his innovative creations, Baud creates elaborate drinks that are distinguished by both taste and extraordinary presentation. In addition to signature cocktails, a menu of appetizers such as fresh oysters, caviar, truffle toast and Iberian ham are also available.

Coctelarium is a speakeasy-style extension in the annex of P41. This area provides Diego Baud and the rest of his creative team of mixologists a space to interact, educate and create unique experiences for drink aficionados. Coctelarium offers workshops for guests interested in learning more about the craft of cocktail making. The space can also be used as an event space for everything from master classes to product presentations.

Created by GCA Architects, P41 & Coctelarium has an elegant and cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy a mid-afternoon cocktail or after dinner drink. In addition to the sleek furniture and contemporary décor, the space also features a large mural on the main wall. Handmade by Barcelona-native and street artist INOCUO The Sign, the mural was created by mixing the historic craftsmanship of mud work with the latest cutting-edge laser technology, bringing together old and new in one piece of art. The artwork illustrates the different cities of Parallel 41, all marked with small perforated copper elements and interconnected by a red silk thread running through the cartography. The element of mud gives the land portion of the mural sophisticated golden and bronze tones, while the ocean portion was created from a drop of the first cocktail ever served in P41 & Coctelarium.