Sunrise Springs Wellness Resort opened in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Sunrise Springs, the next generation of health and wellness resorts, opened its door in August 2015. Located among 70 acres of cottonwoods and spring-fed ponds, Sunrise Springs offers an integrative spa and therapeutically-designed programming which give guests the opportunity to pause, decompress, and nourish both the body and the mind in a restorative environment. While at Sunrise Springs, guests have access to a highly credentialed team of wellness providers–from medical doctors and licensed counselors to experiential instructors and massage therapists. Together, this team collaborates to create a wellness experience for guests seeking rejuvenation, balance, purpose, direction, and connection in their lives.


“Here guests can immerse themselves in a wellness lifestyle where they can learn, grow, and thrive,” says Dr. David Hans, Executive Director. “Every detail–from the landscaping, accommodations, and experiential activities to the food, spa and our integrative approach–has been thoughtfully designed to meet the individual needs of our guests.”

Sunrise Springs’ offerings are guided by four evidence-based principles: Nature Bathing, Digital Detox, Learning Through Experience, and Food as Medicine. Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to unplug from technology, and have the option of checking in their electronic devices during their stay.


Sunrise Springs’ programming is based on the guiding principle, Learning Through Experience. Daily experiential and nature-based activities include mindfulness, meditation, yoga and fitness, Native American teachings, and expressive arts. Equine and canine interactions are also offered to assist guests in developing greater self-awareness and self-esteem and to teach teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Sunrise Springs’ canine interactions are provided through a partnership with Assistance Dogs of the West.

At Sunrise Springs, therapeutic gardening is offered in the raised-bed gardens, greenhouse, and culinary classroom. In support of Sunrise Springs’ commitment to farm-to-table practices, Executive Chef Paul Novak incorporates herbs and greens grown on the property along with locally sourced produce to create flavorful seasonal dishes. Dinner is served in the newly renovated Blue Heron Restaurant where Chef Novak and his team explain the health benefits of the food being served.

The Integrative Therapeutic Spa (ITSPA) fuses the expertise of an integrative medical clinic with the rejuvenating and restorative practices of a wellness spa.