Veidekke ASA to build hotel in Kongsberg


Veidekke has signed a contract with PK Eiendom AS to build the Sølvknuten 1624 hotel in the centre of Kongsberg. This is a design and build construction contract valued at NOK 160 million, excluding VAT.

The contract includes building an eleven storey hotel with 147 guest rooms, a top storey conference room and a basement with parking and technical facilities. The hotel will be adjacent to Sølvparken, which is a commercial and residential project currently being developed by Veidekke.

“We’re pleased that PK Eiendom selected Veidekke to build the project. It is an interesting project with lofty architectural requirements, and it will be a prominent building in central Kongsberg,” says district manager Gro Brathovde of Veidekke.

“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Veidekke for this project and are looking forward to collaborating on building the Sølvknuten 1624 hotel,” says director Per Mikkelsen of PK Eiendom AS.