28th annual PAPA distributes awards


On Thursday 16th November 2017, two chefs from Zerodegrees Microbrewery Restaurant – Kani Naim and Daniele Boccardi competed and won in The PAPA Awards in collaboration with SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers), after having won the regionals. Starting in 2000, Zerodegrees were one of the first craft breweries, pioneering beers from around the world and changing the views from real ale to what we now call “The Craft Beer Movement”.

The 28th Annual PAPA Awards have recognised and awarded the best in the Italian Food Industry. Zerodegrees innovated a unique style of pizza making to put them on the forefront of pizzerias, which made them a perfect candidate for this competition. SIBA’s association with this award highlighted their prominence as it perfectly represented their niche market, marrying fresh craft beer and wood fired pizza.

We are so pleased to announce that Zerodegrees managed to pick up four awards that reflect the core of what the restaurant is all about – authentic Italian food with a creative Zerodegrees twist.

Independent Pizza Restaurant Gold Award Winner

This is an award to be proud of as the judging criteria included restaurants that set a standard for others to follow. As Zerodegrees are pioneers of the beer and pizza industry in the UK, clearly they’re setting the bar as reflected through their excellent customer service, premium products bustling atmosphere.

PAPA – The Sam Browne Foods “Pizza Chef of the Year Winner”

It was clear to see that the Zerodegrees brand values sat comfortably with the ethos of this award.

PAPA – Euro Pizza Products “Pizza Chef of the Year Winner”

Daniele was given creative freedom to make his very own signature dish. His lesser traditional styled pizza won the judges hearts.

PAPA – Keck Short Cut Pasta Chef of the Year Winner

Zerodegrees is a theatre styled dining experience with an open kitchen and a working brewery. Perfectly demonstrated by Kani, who wowed the crowd with his exuberant personality and won over both the crowd and the judges.