Decanter collection by Passoni Nature


Few simple things, but masterfully blended, can give life to real excellences. This is the case of the Decanter collection that, through the perfect combination between wood and wine, surprises both for its sinuous and stylish design and for the unique colours obtained by means of an innovative dyeing technique that exploits marc of fine wines.
Indeed, just as in a decanter, the collection designed by DINN! welcomes the wine inside itself, thus obtaining unusual and totally natural colours. This type of finish, developed in collaboration with PelleVino Treatment, is a completely natural patented technology, just like in the Passoni Nature’s DNA.
An original seat, with an enveloping and comforting wooden frame, just like a good glass of wine. Versatile, adaptable to any environment, from residential to commercial, it is perfect for the contract.
FSC certified solid wood frame, zero-emission adhesives, natural fibre fabrics make the Decanter collection the ideal solution for an audience attentive to eco-sustainability and wellness.
The Decanter seats family, composed of: Armchair, Lazy, Chair, Stool and Small Table, will be presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Passoni Nature is a young and dynamic company and uses only natural materials, free of emissions, and manufactures all its products directly, by controlling every development step. Beauty, eco-sustainability, quality and durability are the distinctive elements that make Passoni Nature products perfect for any environment and ideal for high-level contract (
DINN! is a company located in Milan projecting design concepts with a strong innovative emotion, with the aim to improve the way companies compete on the market. It applies the Design Insighting ProcessĀ®, a methodology that integrates strategic vision and imaginative intuition.