La Scolca to celebrate a century of winemaking


La Scolca, Piemonte’s premium wine producer, is currently celebrating 99 years of winemaking in Gavi and is presenting a series of commemorative projects for next year’s 100th Anniversary during the 52nd edition of Vinitaly (Verona 15-18 April 2018), Italy’s major international wine trade fair.

“We at La Scolca have worked hard for many years to incorporate our wines into top international restaurant lists, to collaborate with prestigious commercial realities and to grace the finest tables in the world. We are proud of our triumphs, which include our ongoing collaboration with Ferretti Group luxury yachts and with leading Italian furniture design label Georgetti and our finely tuned global distribution network which promotes our products at the highest levels”, says proprietor Chiara Soldati. “We are very satisfied with these accomplishments, which confirm the importance of a superior product, born of both of our ingrained passion and of dedication to every detail of the production process.”

La Scolca, pioneer of the winemaking craft in the Gavi region, and strong believer in obtaining and growing the finest grapes available, was the first local producer to recognize the potential of the Cortese grape. La Scolca was also the first producer to understand the superiority of vineyards located in the municipality of Gavi, which generate grapes featuring an ideal balance of acidity and minerality.

La Scolca’s Gavi dei Gavi™ has a live, intense character and presents a harmonious combination of heat and acidity, with soft and fruity notes on the finish, and very long in the mouth. You can taste Gavi dei Gavi™ 2018 at the upcoming Vinitaly fair – La Scolca Halle 7 booth D8.

But you will also find a rare and memorable surprise: Gavi deiGavi D’Antan, epic and courageous, almost magic.

Bruce Sanderson from The Wine Spectator described it well many years ago: “Most Gavis are best drunk young and paired with seafood. But La Scolca’s D’Antan, which is aged for 10 years in stainless steel before bottling, develops toast, wax, iodine and mineral aromas and flavors not unlike a mature Champagne.”

After 99 years and five generations of Soldati winemaking, La Scolca is looking forward to the future, to ongoing expansion on a global scale, to the continuing research, development and improvement of La Scolca’s products, and to dedicating heart and soul to the soon to be century-old family passion.

About La Scolca

La Scolca believes in maintaining a Latin “furor” and passion, and knows that without courage it’s very difficult to reach certain targets and imagine audacious goals. After the bunch, land and ground give the wine its soul, it’s important to take into account the man who stays behind-La Scolca wines often resemble those who create them. The quality of Gavi La Scolca goes beyond fashions and trends with its strong personality and gentle but firm and persistent character. Gavi La Scolca is difficult to forget after having tasted it. You could say that Gavi dei Gavi™ could be a “timeless passion”.