Michelin-starred chef opens pasta restaurant in Soho


Sola Pasta Bar has been opened in the heart of the trendy Soho neighborhood, is the latest culinary project coming from Michelin-Starred Chef Massimo Sola. After a long career between Europe and the United States, Chef Sola chose Soho to open his new concept-restaurant.

The idea behind Sola Pasta Bar is to enable people to experience sophisticated dining at affordable prices and in the comfort of a trendy downtown location. As a matter of fact, the Chef’s is to express his idea of high-quality cuisine that can benefit all.

One of the unique elements characterizing Chef Sola’s idea is the central role the kitchen area and the Chefs will play.

The key concept of Sola Pasta Bar is the idea of a Chef that not only cooks for you, while explaining the origins of the dish you are about to taste, but that at times brings the food at your table, perhaps completing the dish in front of your eyes. This element will echo the “intimate” experience between Chefs and guests typical of high-end dining, while keeping it more affordable and easily accessible by most.

The design of Sola Pasta Bar, including some jaw-dropping pieces of design, is centered around the large open kitchen island right in the middle of the space. Diners will have three options: sitting around the island while watching Chef Sola prepare their meal, at a large concrete design common-table, or at more traditional seats.

The idea of a pasta bar shouldn’t worry those following a gluten-free diet. Having two celiac children, Chef Sola knows how to offer the best taste while using gluten-free pasta that will satisfy any kind of dietary restriction. A pasta for all is a key concept in Chef Sola’s new project.