The Slanted Door makes signature dishes available exclusively through Munchery


Munchery, the leading end-to-end food preparation and delivery company, has announced that its customers in the San Francisco Bay Area now have first and only access to The Slanted Door in-home dining experience. Starting today, Munchery is offering a selection of prepared dishes and cooking kits from The Slanted Door as part of an exclusive partnership with the restaurant’s owner and executive chef, Charles Phan.

A James Beard Award-winner, Charles Phan is acclaimed for his contemporary Vietnamese cuisine — a fusion of traditional dishes, local farm-fresh ingredients and modern techniques. Phan opened San Francisco-based Slanted Door in 1995 and quickly earned widespread, enduring recognition for the distinct flavors and high quality of his food.

With Munchery, Chef Charles Phan is making his signature dishes available for delivery to San Francisco homes. For a limited time, Munchery’s menu will feature Slanted Door favorites, including Grass-Fed Shaking Beef, Organic Claypot Chicken, Pho, Green Papaya Salad and more. Through Munchery, dishes are available for same-day delivery as ready-to-eat meals or 15-minute cooking kits.

Like many restaurants focused on quality, The Slanted Door does not offer takeout or delivery options. Meals delivered by restaurants or third-party delivery companies often arrive in a diminished state — cold, soggy, scrambled or with items missing — degrading the quality of the experience and impacting the restaurant’s brand.

“Partnering with Munchery solves that problem,” says Charles Phan, Executive Chef and Owner of the Slanted Door. “Munchery’s e-commerce platform, as well as its expertise in fresh food production and delivery logistics, enables The Slanted Door to provide in-home dining experiences that meet our in-restaurant culinary standards. Because Munchery understands how to prepare and transport food, it’s a far better solution for us than today’s app-ordering and delivery options.”

“For over two decades, The Slanted Door has been a well-loved Bay Area restaurant — a testament to Chef Charles Phan’s imagination, culinary talents and uncompromising standards,” says James Beriker, President and CEO of Munchery. “We share the same vision as Charles for making food using locally-sourced ingredients from farmers and producers who practice organic and sustainable farming — and delivering dazzling customer experiences. We are thrilled to be partnering with him to bring his amazing food to our customers.”

Munchery makes and delivers fresh, healthy, all-natural meals and 15-minute cooking kits prepared by its own local chefs. Customers order online from a daily-changing menu and receive their orders by same-day local delivery or overnight shipping. Munchery controls its entire value chain, from recipe development to meal delivery.

For a limited time, a selection of The Slanted Door’s dishes is available now on Munchery’s San Francisco Bay Area menu. Through Aug. 25, customers who purchase The Slanted Door through Munchery are eligible to win an exclusive invitation to a cooking demo and cocktail party with Chef Charles Phan. See more details here.

Munchery makes delicious, healthy, ready-to-eat meals and 15-minute cooking kits that are crafted by critically-acclaimed local chefs. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, Munchery is the leading end-to-end food preparation and delivery company with a service footprint of 25 million households in the U.S. With control of its entire food service value chain, Munchery has the capability to continuously improve multiple points of operations and deliver better- personalized food experiences — from developing original recipes, sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers and producers who practice organic and sustainable farming, creating incredible scratch-made dishes, packing using only environmentally-friendly materials, to delivering fresh meals directly to customers.